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Affordable Luxury at Popular Ski,
Beach and Golf Resorts

Members of Embarc® can enjoy vacationing in beautifully crafted Vacation Homes across Canada, the United States and Mexico – nine locations in total. Each resort was designed to reflect the art and architecture of the region. A Mill Pond in Blue Mountain – Ontario’s new cottage country. Outdoor showers in Palm Desert – to soak up the 360 days of annual sun. Or private dip pools on your Vacation Home terrace in Zihuatanejo, Mexico – to admire the ocean views while cooling off from the tropical sun. Plus, members have access to partner hotels and resorts around the world.

Where Can I Go?

Ski or board the Rockies. Lounge on a Mexican or Caribbean beach. Walk the cobblestone streets of Paris. Embarc® is your global passport.

How it Works

Members of Embarc® book their vacations using an annual allotment of points. How you use your points is up to you.

Vacation More

A recent study found 59% of Americans feel vacation deprived. One of the (many) benefits of timeshare is being forced to vacation every year.