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It's called the 'timeshare effect'. That moment when you rediscover the joy of vacationing. Over the years, timeshare has evolved from a fixed week in one location to more flexible, points-based systems.

There are so many great reasons to purchase timeshare. The benefits we often hear about from our members are both tangible and intangible:

  • Flexibility – the freedom to travel virtually anywhere without being tied down to one vacation property and the time and money associated with its upkeep and maintenance.
  • Affordability – the financial pillar of timeshare is purchasing tomorrow’s vacations at today’s prices.
  • Variety – one week at one resort is a thing of the past. Most timeshare companies offer an extensive network of exchange partners.
  • Comfort – space, space and more space. Timeshare units are on average significantly larger than a traditional hotel room, offering household amenities like kitchens, dining rooms, in-suite laundry and more.
  • Forced Vacations – owning timeshare ensures you take vacations on a regular basis. Use it or lose it!


More people than you’d think. Everyone from doctors to lawyers to accountants and environmentalists are timeshare owners. The full spectrum of families and professionals have chosen this way of vacationing, with both their time and money.